Malcura II – The Story

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“One Humble Space Jockey, One Extraordinary Adventure”

Over the next 12 weeks we’ll be delving into the backstory of โ€˜Malcura IIโ€™.

Follow the journey of the astronaut, Captain Snus, as he travels through the universe on a mysterious mission from Earth, brought to life in conceptual track-by-track illustrations by Australian visual artist Jamie Peters.

It all starts with album opener, ‘Malcura’.

Malcura II – listen now

Malcura II

Somewhere on Earth, a cool-headed, confident and experienced space traveller named Captain Snus walks down a palm tree-lined, sun-drenched tarmac towards his rocket ship, โ€œMalcura IIโ€. He is ready to embark on his next expedition beyond the stars.