Malcura II Stretch Goal and Message of Thanks

As Ringo once sang –
“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends”.

Well, a little help goes a long way! The huge news has just come in that we have reached our initial $10,000 crowdfunding target for “Malcura II” – all thanks to you!!!

Click HERE for Pozible link

We are absolutely overwhelmed by the support we have received so far for this project, which is so close to our hearts. To all of you that have pledged – your belief and faith in what we do means the world to us. We couldn’t be more inspired to make this happen!

Since you have helped us reach our target with a considerable amount of time left in the overall campaign – Pozible have offered us the option to add a “stretch goal”. These are additional goals that can only be actioned when the initial target has been reached!

As highlighted in our campaign description – the total budget for an album like this is very expansive and a daunting prospect, well exceeding $10,000.

Click HERE for Pozible link

Through this Pozible campaign, our intention was to crowdfund a good portion of our overall costs and reduce our out of pocket expenses. However, with the option of this stretch goal – we have the opportunity to achieve everything we set out to do, while covering close to half the overall budget!

So for our stretch goal, we are hopeful that we can raise the funds required to make professional music videos for two of the singles that will be released from the new album!

The importance of video content for a band in the social-media dominated 21st century cannot be understated (particularly for an instrumental music band!!). Music Videos offer an insight into the band’s personality, performance and overall aesthetic – allowing music lovers around the world to  connect with the band and experience them when the immediacy of a live performance is not possible.

Our past videos for songs such as “Palais” and “Ini Mini” and covers of songs such as “Get Lucky” and “Hell’s Bells” have been valuable assets for Malcura and have set the standard for the production values that we wish to continue with for our future videos.

With a little “extra help from our friends”, we hope to bring you all some exciting visual accompaniment to take this album to the next level!

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank everyone that has pledged to our campaign so far, shared it around with their friends and families or even checked out the link! We wouldn’t be able to do this without you and are grateful beyond words!

Click HERE for Pozible link

Much love and gratitude.
Simo, Josh and Bv.