Cherry Bar July Residency

We are hitting Melbourne’s most iconic rock venue, Cherry Bar, for a Wednesday July Residency!! 

Before we enter the studio to follow up our Age Music Victoria Award nominated self-titled debut, we need to road test our new material! 

Two special guests will be joining us each week.

July 5th
HONG DANG – A three piece prog-rock sonic assault to get the night started, fresh on the scene and best served with cold beer!
Medicine Dog – Medicine Dog are an alluring 4 piece amalgam of explosive blues infused hard rock with a harmonious side that reaches into the depths of the mind, a mongrel band of horse worshippers who produce waves like a sledgehammer carrying out fine art

July 12th
Geo band – Groovy Funk-alicious Prog Rock sans walls-of-sound and bulk delay pedals. You want riffs? They’ve got ’em! The ones in odd time signatures will cost you extra.
Kill the Darling – Kill the Darling are Tasha Lloyd (vocals/guitar) Dave Hobson (guitar/vocals) Alice Duncan (bass) and Travis Jones (drums). Their music, although cinematic, demands attention. Creating lush soundscapes with both vocal and guitar loops, they have a unique sense of song structure and lyrically strive to surprise.

July 19th
Timbakat – Matt Katsis Music teams up with Malcura’s Simon Wood for a set of epic blues jams in this exciting new project. LIVE DEBUT. 
Bronze – Drawing influence from blues, prog, stoner rock and the psychedelic 70s Bronze offer up a tight, ambient sound with loads of fuzzy groove and heart wrenching guitar solos.